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Aholt-ancestors in Westfalen, Germany


The first time that the name Aholt is mentioned is on the second day of April in the year 1243 in a charter of bishop Ludovicus of Münster when (in Latin) Hildebrandus de Aholte was named in a list of vessals. After that time it lasted till the year 1427 before we now a next person of this name. It was Bernd Schulten zu Aholte who owned the bishops mansion (farm) Aholt in the Bocholter-Feldmark, just outside the townwalls of Bocholt, in the period 1427-1460. This house is now situated at the Böggeringstraße in Bocholt. The name Aholt is a combination of two topographic elements. The ‘A’ refers to the river Aa (the Bocholter Aa, near Aholt called Heggenaa). ‘Holt’ means ‘holz’ (in German), ‘hout’ (in Dutch) and ‘wood’ (in English). In the middleages Bocholt was surrounded by many woods, so the link of A and holt to Aholt is easily made.
This name is in Germany unique. Everybody with this name, or the later variaties Ahold, Ahout and Ahoud, is a member of this single family. The problem was, that the owners of Aholt (always the first son) stopped with the death of Wesselus Schulten zu Aholte, in 1679. The children etc. of his inheriting daughter called themselves after the name of the house. All the descendents of this daughter are having their name in female line.
Hermanus Schulten, a younger brother of Wesselus above, moved to the rural suburb of Bocholt, called Herzebocholt, where he married the widow of the owner of the farm Demminck. Their descendents (nowadays) are named Demming (in Bocholt), Demmink (two lines in the Netherlands), Aholt (in Bocholt and Ochtrup), and, after exploring Internet and visiting your website: also Aholt in Missouri, USA. The fact that some members of the Demminck-line after a time renamed themselves in Aholt, is connected to a special story. In the first place are the descendents of Hermanus Schulten real male-descendents of the old family of Schulten zu Aholte. But this is not the most important reason of the renaming. The fact is, that in the inheritors-line of Wesselus occured a problem, when the inheritor died at the moment that his eldest son only was a few years old. In those days (18th century) it was not sure that someone managed to reach adultancy. So in that case the family of the younger line prepaired themself for taking over the ownership of the ancestorial farm Aholt. The young inheritor survived his childhood and married. The familybranche in Herzebocholt was in that case not needed, but some of their members never changed their Aholt anymore.

Short genealogy

I. Gerdt Schulten zu Aholte, citizen of Bocholt, Westphalia, mentioned on 18 nov. 1574, married N.N.

II. Gerdt Schulten zu Aholte, * ca. 1570/1580, ambtsscholte on the mansion of Aholt, outer citizen of Bocholt in the townpart of Hohenhorst (1614), † ca. aug. 1628, married N.N., † after 13 sept. 1628

III. Gerdt Schulten zu Aholte, * ca. 1600/1610, ambtsscholte on the mansion of Aholt (1628-1657), tenant of the township of Bocholt of the bridgetolls on the outgoing wares (1650), † in 1657, married N.N.

1. Wesselus Schulten zu Aholte.
Wesselus was the inheritor of the mansion of Aholt near Bocholt, in the Bocholter-Feldmark. He had a few sons who died in infancy. After his death in 1679, his second daughter Adelheidis inherited Aholt. She married in Bocholt in 1680 Antonius Ernsten and became of him 12 children. The eldest son: Wesselus Ernsten (also: Aholt) and his first male descendents became owners of Aholt. This branche is called Aholt, nowadays still most living in Bocholt. The second son: Gerardus Aholt (not Ernsten anymore!) is the founder of the familybranches Ahold (in Germany) and Ahout/Ahoud (in The Netherlands). The third son: Wilhelmus Aholt is founder of the branche Ahout (in Amsterdam, The Netherlands).
2. Johan Schulten (zu Aholte).
3. Herman Schulten, follows IVc.
4. Tilman Schulten, breadbaker in the Vieheklucht in Bocholt, † after 1672, married N.N., † after 1672.
No children.
5. Stine Schulten, married before 1654 Rotger Hegerinck,
Farmer on Hegerinck in the borough of Hemden (Bocholt).
6. Enneken (also: Jenneken, Elsken) Schulten, bapt. Bocholt 28 jan. 1657 Gerrit Stroband, cottonweaver in the Rawersklucht in Bocholt (1672), shopkeeper althere (1680).
7. Jenneken Schulten (von Ahlten), married Jan Tacke (Take(n), Schulten),
Owner of a half house in the Nieuwe Klucht in Bocholt, counceler of Bocholt.
8. Alheidis Schulten, married Bocholt 28 june 1665 Henricus Brömmelinck (Brömlinck), son of Henricus Brömmelinck and N.N.
IVc. Herman Schulten, married Bocholt 20 sept. 1676 Theodora (Dersken) Ubbinck, widow of Willem Demminck, farmer on Klein Demming in the borough of Herzebocholt (Bocholt).
From this marriage in Bocholt:
1. Wilhelmus Schulten, follows V.
2. Gertrudis Schulten (also: Schulte Aholt, Demming), bapt. 13 june 1677 (gemini), † before 28 may 1733, married Bocholt 10 febr. 1706 Wesselus Ernsten (also: Schulten; and after his second marriage: Aholt), bapt. Bocholt 9 april 1683, senior-scholte on Aholt, † Bocholt 19 march 1766, he remarried after 28 may 1733 Maria Elisabeth Stapelkamp.

V. Wilhelmus (Willem) Schulten (also: Demming), bapt. Bocholt 13 june 1677, farmer on Klein Demming in Herzebocholt, married Bocholt 12 nov. 1702 Wilhelmina Eeltinck, bapt. Bocholt 28 aug. 1672, dr. of Hendrich Ehltinck and Henrica Eelkinck.
From this marriage in Bocholt:
1. Joannes Henrich Demming, bapt. 16 sept. 1703, ‘filius primogenitus’, in 1749 living in the house of his brother Hermannus Demming.
2. Wesselus Demming, follows VIa.
3. Hermannus Demming (Schulten), follows VIb.
4. Johann Wilhelm Demming, bapt. 13 oct. 1710.
5. Anna Christina Demming, bapt. 14 oct. 1712.
6. Theodorus Anton Demming, bapt. 6 jan. 1715.

VIa. Wesselus Demming, bapt. Bocholt 19 oct. 1705, living in Herzebocholt nr 289, married Bocholt 17 may 1735 Henrica Hansen, bapt. Bocholt 6 nov. 1717, she remarried in 1756 Henrich te Passe.
From this marriage:
1. Wilhelmina Demming, bapt. Bocholt 24 april 1736, married Bocholt 18 nov. 1759 Joan Christoph Giessing.
2. Joannes Bernardus (also: Henricus) Demming, bapt. Werth 26 jan. 1738, † after 1749.

VIb. Hermannus Demming (also: Schulten), bapt. Bocholt 5 march 1707, living in Herzebocholt nr 288, married 1e Bocholt 19 sept. 1737 Joanna ten Holdt (also: ten Holder), born ca. 1719, outside Bocholt, † after 1749, married 2e Bocholt 1 jan. 1761 Margaretha Fischer, widow of Henrich Groß Wiele.
From the first marriage in Bocholt:
1. Wilhelmina Demming, bapt. 26 july 1739.
2. Joannes Wilhelmus Demming, bapt. 3 july 1742, † after 1778.
3. Hermannus Theodorus (Schulte Aholt) Demming, follows VIIa.
4. Bernardus Demming, born ca. 1746 (according to the Status animarum), † after 1749.
5. Theodorus Demming, bapt. 8 febr. 1750.
6. Joanna Gertrudis Demming, bapt. 10 sept. 1753.
From the second marriage in Bocholt:
7. Joannes Henricus Aholt (Demming), follows VIIb.
8. Joannes Franciscus Dorotheus Demming, bapt. 10 nov. 1764, † 23 dec. 1776.

VIIa. Hermannus Theodorus Schulte Aholt called Demming, bapt. Bocholt 6 april 1744, farmer in Wertherbruch, married Bocholt 5 may 1778 Wilhelmina Elting.
From this marriage in Wertherbruch:
1. Bernard Demming, follows VIIIa.

VIIIa. Bernard Demming, bapt. Wertherbruch 10 febr. 1790, farmer on Mensenborg in Herzebocholt nr 25, † there 14 aug. 1853, married 1e (outside Bocholt) Henrina (also: Henrica) Köster, born ca. 1790, † Herzebocholt 28 jan. 1830 (age 40 jr.), married 2e Bocholt 23 march 1830 Joanna Gries, bapt. Bocholt 25 aug. 1793, † 30 june 1847, dr. of Bernard Gries, farmer in Haldern (Rees), and Adelheid Schmeinck, married 3e Bocholt 28 sept. 1847 Johanna Gertrud te Passe, ged. Bocholt 13 jan. 1799, † 30 dec. 1872, dr. of Bernard Heinrich te Passe, farmer on Bökendarp in Lowick (Bocholt), and Anna Catharina Rodde.
From the first marriage:
1. Bernard Demming, born Werth 26, bapt. there 16 may 1818, married Werth 14 july 1852 Theodora Bruns, born Wertherbruch ca. 1821, dr. of Bernard Bruns and Maria te Hütte.
2. Johann Heinrich Demming, born Bocholt 17 jan. 1821, married NN.
3. Hermann Demming, born Bocholt 9 jan. 1823, † there 26 june 1840.
4. Adelheid Demming, born Bocholt 31 jan. 1827, married Haldern 6 july 1858 Wilhelm Symkes.
5. Wilhelmina Demming, born Bocholt 8 dec. 1829, † there 26 june 1830.
From the second marriage in Bocholt:
6. Henricus Demming, born 17 may 1831, † 8 april 1832.
7. Gertrud Demming, born 29 aug. 1832, married Helderloh 5 may 1860 Heinrich Blömer, from Haldern.
8. Heinrich Demming, geb. 8 march 1834, married Bocholt 12 july 1864 Johanna Schlütter.

VIIb. Joannes Henricus Aholt called Demming, ged. Bocholt 4 jan. 1761, farmer on Klein Demming in Herzebocholt, † there 14 nov. 1835, married Bocholt 1 aug. 1778 Anna Catharina Klein Büssing (Bösing), † 13 march 1836.
From this marriage in Bocholt:
1. Hermann Aholt, follows VIIIb.
2. Henricus Wilhelmus Demming (Demmink).
3. Joannes Theodorus Demming, bapt. 21 sept. 1782, † (as Joannes coloni Demming) 12 dec. 1782.
4. Anna Elisabeth Demming, bapt. 22 oct. 1783, † 2 dec. 1786 (or 7 dec. 1819).
5. Bernardina Demming, born ca. 1784 (outside Bocholt), † Wertherbruch 17 may 1867, married Cornelis Stevens, carpenter.
6. Joanna Gertrudis Demming, bapt. 20 nov. 1785.
7. Adelheidis Demming, bapt. 13 may 1787.
8. Adelheidis Demming, bapt. 28 april 1788.
9 Adelheidis Demming, bapt. 10 may 1789.
10. Joannes Theodorus Aholt.
11. Joannes Franciscus Demming (Demmink).
12. Joannes Demming, bapt. 19 oct. 1796.
13. Hendrina Demming, bapt. ca. 1802, † 7 jan. 1820.

VIIIb. Hermann Aholt, bapt. Bocholt 4 sept. 1779, farmer on Gebbinck Hasken in Hemden, † 23 june 1848, married 1e Bocholt 5 nov. 1822 Bernardina Hemmelberg (Himmelberg), † 9 juni 1830, dr. of Joan Bernard Himmel(s)berg, farmer near Gendringen (Holland), and Adelheid Schwiers, married 2e Bocholt 14 jan. 1832 Hermina Maria Böing (Boeing), bapt. Bocholt 27 sept. 1805, † 29 june 1836, dr. of Gerhard Boeing called Campe, farmer on Wüstnienhaus in Liedern nr 23, and Anna Giessing called Meteling.
From the first marriage in Herzebocholt:
1. Johann Heinrich Aholt.
2. Joann Franz Aholt, born 20 jan. 1825.
3. Joannes Aholt. The first Aholt in the state of Missouri, USA.
4. Hermann Aholt, born 21 nov. 1829.
From the second marriage in Bocholt:
5. Bernardina Aholt, born 13 dec. 1832, † Millingen in 1912, married Heinrich Dunkerbeck, born Raesfelt 12 febr. 1817.
6. Gerhard Aholt, born 14 april 1834, † 16 april 1834.
7. Anna Aholt, born 14 july 1836, married Bocholt 14 jan. 1865 O… Heinrich Meiermann, from Bocholt.
8. Adelheit Gertrud Aholt, born 2 may 1838, † 4 may 1838.

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