zaterdag 15 oktober 2011

Theodore Demmink

Man of the day is Theodore Demmink, born in Arnhem in Holland in 1886, and passed away in 1964. His father, who gave him the names Theodorus Gijsbertus Jacob, was called Hendrik Jacob Demmink, and he worked as a gardener for the owner of House Sonsbeek, nowadays better-known as ‘the white villa’ in Arnhem. Theodore was the 7th child of his parents, and just like many others in 1905 or 1906 he joined the adventurous journey to the new world. The ship Statendam brought him on Ellis Island, and after a short while we find him in the city of Chicago. Records of the website Fold3 (former: Footnote) finds him back, with his Swedish wife Hilda Roost.
At first in the yellow pages of Chicago, where he is listed as meat trader, in 1915 living on South Halsted. Also from that time there is a nice picture of this busy street. According to the US Federal Census of 1930 (enumerated on April 24) he and his family lived at Beverly Glen Parkway. He was the owner of a house there, worth $ 17.000.

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Jeanette zei

Hi, I was so glad to find this. It was interesting. His wife Hilda was sister to my grandmothers mother. Do you have more information aboute Theodore and Hilda? BR Jeanette