maandag 13 juni 2011

The sound of scam, or # 24 Attention

Hello dear readers, it is a long time ago when Nigerian scammers, mostly working from internet-cafes in the West, make their victims a millionaire, after when the receivers make 'some' costs for the transfer of the inheritence of a family-member who died somewhere in Africa. This time I show you the death certificate of the non-existing James B. Ahoud. The man lived in a non existing-street in Kara (Togo), and now I am the happy inheritor of his 40% of 4,5 million American dollars. The other 60% is for the mysterious mister Komla, a barrister from Togo, who tries to involve me in this transaction. Look at the certificate, my dead mister Ahoud originates from Germany. Yes, I know that no one with the name Ahoud is a German civilian. Mister Komla, or thatever his name is, thinks he can fool the world. So dear followers, be aware of the 24-Dingen item in this meeting with the internet-world.

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