woensdag 13 juli 2011

Johann Anton Martin Aholt, the man who left the rural life

Johann Aholt (1872-1941) was as a first-born child the inheritor of the mansion of Aholt in Bocholt, Germany. He broke with this tradition and let him pay-off with a 1000 Mark in 1905, when he had the opportunity to start a beer-trade in the city of Oberhausen. The farm came on his younger brother Heinrich Anton Aholt. Johann opened a 'Trinkhalle' and shows on this picture his miraculous transport-vehicle and the positive attention of several children and his help Alois Schmitz behind him on the engine.
The Aholt-beertrade in Oberhausen still exists. The descendants of Johann made the trade to a succes. Perhaps it was a good choice for Johann to leave the farm in Bocholt. Oberhausen in the Ruhrgebiet was part of the rising German industrial regions.

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